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If you're a big fan of mystery books, you've come to the right place.


BestMysteryBooks.com is a community-driven recommendation website that aims to help you find the best mystery books, from cult classics, modern hits, to eclectic gems.


We combine the best of both worlds: curated mystery best lists written by passionate mystery fiction lovers and crowd-powered mystery book recommendations. As such, BestMysteryBooks.com has a good mystery read for practically everyone.


Where to Start?


Read our comprehensive 'Core" best lists which provide a detailed list of curated recommendations of the best. We've spent a great deal of time and effort creating specific mystery recommendations by specific categories. If you are new to the mystery genre, or simply looking for the 'best of the best', we do recommend you start with our "Top 25 Best Mystery Books' list. From there, if you want even more recommendations, check out our Top 100 Mystery Books which continues on from the Top 25 lists, starting from #26 and ending at #100.


And of course, there's specific recommendations by mystery subgenre.


If you are looking for a specific type of mystery read or you like a specific mystery subgenre, do check out our very detailed mystery subgenre guides. We break down exactly what the genre is, what defines it, what other subgenres are closely related to it, and we give specific mystery book recommendations that fit that subgenre!


Note: we are currently undergoing a complete website redesign that we've been working on for nearly a year. So bear with us -- some links and parts of the new website may not work for a few weeks!


We guarantee you won't leave our site without at least a couple good book recommendations.


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December 2015

We are finally going live with our brand new website design for BestMysteryBooks.com. The site has existed in a unfinished beta stage for the past year. We've been busily redesigning it -- and it's taken a long time to have the design and new features finished. Meanwhile, we've been steadily releasing new best lists the past year, but we left the old design on while we finished up the new design.

Well, no more! The new design is almost here. Expect some new lists, cool new features, and a brand new layout to be up and running this week!

Note, BestMysteryBooks.com is brought to you by the same peope who've created BestFantasyBooks.com and BestScienceFictionBooks.com and is a SISTER site to those. We are bringing everything we know about how to create awesome book recommendation sites to the Mystery Genre.

New BestMysteryBook.com Features Coming Up...

*Brand new blog design that's modern and fits on your phones (current one is just a temporary one)

*Crowd Powered MysteryVerse -- you can create your own best lists on our site and submit them to be voted on by the public. All votes help rank specific books which will provide better recommendations. There's a lot awesome recommendation features we intend to bring to the mystery genre.


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